Clinical Study Finds TheraTears® System Relieves Dry Eye Signs and Symptoms1

47% improvement in dry eye symptoms
Significant improvement in dry eye signs
Significant improvemenent in dry eye symtpoms


The combined therapy of TheraTears® Dry Eye Therapy – Lubricant Eye Drops, TheraTears® SteriLid® – Eyelid Cleanser, and TheraTears® Eye Nutrition improved both symptoms and a variety of signs in subjects with moderate to severe dry eye.


Regardless of the cause of Dry Eye Disease, whether from aqueous deficiency or tear evaporation, the result is the same: increased tear film osmolarity, or hyperosmolarity.

Increased tear osmolarity = dry eyes

Elevated tear film osmolarity (osmolarity imbalance or hyperosmolarity) is one of the primary causes of dry eye symptoms2 (per 2007 DEWS Report)

  • Elevated tear osmolarity (or hyperosmolarity) is the increased concentration of tears
  • Increased tear film osmolarity causes dry eye irritation and ocular surface inflammation3, 4, 5
Normal tear vs hyperosmolarity

The International Dry Eye Workshop (DEWS Report in 2007) states
“Elevated tear film osmolarity is one of the primary causes of dry eye symptoms.”

TheraTears Dry Eye Therapy Lubricant Eye Drops with OSMO-CORRECTION hypotonic & electrolyte-balanced

TheraTears® Dry Eye Therapy’s hypotonic and electrolyte balanced formula has been shown to reduce osmolarity over time.

Thera Tears Dry Eye Therapy product line
Restores eyes' natural balance
TheraTears reduces osmolarity over time
TheraTears is the most hypotonic leading brand
SteriLid Eye Cleanser with tea tree oil, a natural plant-based formula

TheraTears® SteriLid® removes oil, debris and other irritants that can accumulate on eyelids and eyelashes.

  • Gentle and effective skin-on-skin application
  • Keeping lids and lashes free from irritants is important for maintaining healthy lids and lashes as part of ocular wellness therapy
TheraTears SteriLid
Cleanses eyelids and lashes


90% log reduction for six common eyelid organisms at 60 seconds based on laboratory testing.7


93% of ECPs recommended eyelid cleansing,7 which is especially important for patients with certain ocular conditions, including dry eye.
SteriLid Eye Nutrition advanced omega 3 supplement with 1200mg omega 3 organic flaxseed trygliceride form of fish oil

TheraTears® Eye Nutrition is a con-centrated form of Omega-3 designed to support healthy lacrimal and meibomian glands for healthy tears.

750 mg of omega-3 (450 mg EPA + 300 mg DHA) from fish oil:

  • Pharmaceutical grade
  • PCB and Mercury free
  • Molecularly distilled
  • Triglyceride (TG) formulation

450 mg of omega-3 (450 mg ALA) from flaxseed oil:

  • Organically grown
  • Cold pressed

183 IU of Vitamin E:

  • Protects the high quality omega-3 from oxidation
  • Helps support healthy omega-3 metabolism
TheraTears Eye Nutrition
Nourishes eyes to promote healthy tears
70% of patients became asymptomatic with TheraTears after 90 days